The Loyalty Rewards Program is the most addictive and enjoyable way to receive free oils! Truly. Loyalty Rewards are like a frequent flier program. The monthly ordering system is so easy to opt-in and opt-out of, you don't need to feel tied down to the a-word ("autoship"). It's simply the most economic way to reorder at any time! When an order is run as LRP, instead of "1x Order" in your back office portal, you receive 100% shipping costs back in points and 10-30% of your order rebated to you in points. These points are redeemable at any time for free stuff!


Check out this video to learn about this program, and how to guarantee you receive a FREE oil every single month!








What do you mean 10-30% rebate?

Ordering at least 50 PV or more each month for three months means your rebate percentage goes up! You begin at 10%, then increase by 5% until you cap out at 13 months with 30% back in LRP points. So, staying on the program for a year will offer you 30% of the PV you spent on your oils order in points for free stuff!


*Example: I spend 125 PV each month for the Free Product of the Month Club. I've been on the program for over 13 months. Therefore, 37.5 points from my LRP, plus shipping points of 9PV come back to me each month to redeem for free stuff!!! That means my cart has just under $50 of free oils ready for me to redeem at any given time. Yes, these points roll over, and if you have enough self control you could save up for something really big!


What Is PV?

PV is Point Value! Every product doTERRA carries has a point value. Hint: Essential Oil prices always equal themselves in points!

What's the Free Product of the Month Club?

The Free Product of the Month Club is a way to ensure receiving a free oil every single month! Simply process an order of 125 PV on or by the 15th of each month, and you'll receive the Free Product of the Month.


*If a date before the 15th wasn't available when you scheduled your LRP, don't worry. You just need to click "Ship Now" by the 15th to receive your free oil!

I need my oils sooner/later than the date I selected, now what?

No sweat! The date is super easy to change at any time. You can bump your delivery date up or push it back anytime, depending on your needs. Simply click Shop > find your LRP cart on the right > Click Order Number > Find the date of shipment and click "edit" next to it > Select your new date. Any order needed immediately can be received by clicking "Process Now"!

How Do I Cancel?

Canceling is super-simple. You need to simply click your Shop Tab, then select "Live Chat" and confirm your date of birth, then tell the agent you don't need an order this month and to cancel. Remember, canceling will lose any points accrued and any points-earning percentage.

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