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Brand new to the oil game? It's cool, Welcome to 2018! I have some stuff you need to know about revolutionizing healthcare for the modern family.

Hey, healer..

So, you've been feeling the pull to up-level your body, mind, and spiritual health, and now you're here. I'm honored to share this heart space with you, and to bring a bit of a truth bomb to you: you can be a healer in your home. I want to guide you in that healing, teach you everything I know about the highest quality essential oils in the world, learn from you and listen to your stories, connect and inspire together, and, you know, casually change the world one drop, one heart at a time. Let's connect and move some mountains, shall we?

About me

I'm Cardin McKinney. I'm a mother, a healer, a follower of Christ, a doTERRA Diamond leader, an hour-and-a-half bath taker, a peanut butter ice cream eater. I lead incredible, world-changing women, I write my heart out on the socials, I oil it up every day, and I absolutely adore you, believe me.

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..THIS team creates more bliss than you will ever imagine! Freedom, empowerment, self-worth, highest vibes EVEEEER. If you've been thinking about it, DO IT!

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